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New Development

Coming 2021 to Southwest Austin

Aloft by Marriott

Pathfinder Development is thrilled to announce that the Aloft hotel brand will be joining our umbrella of hospitality. Located in the heart of South Austin, TX at 6731 Legado Lane in Garza Ranch, this Aloft will house 140 rooms with suites and standard options for all to enjoy. This idyllic space will be surrounded by 2 acres of gorgeous Austin greenery and is excited to welcome you with Pathfinder Development’s reputable platinum service.

What You Can Expect:

  • 140 Rooms
  • Unique Front Patio
  • Full Backyard
  • Infinity-Edge Pool/Jacuzzi
  • Fire Pit
  • Poolside Bar

The Pathfinder Touch

It’s All In The Details

Planning & Advisory

Pathfinder Development has a proven streak of building quality, successful hotels. We firmly believe it’s because we are heavily involved in every single stage, including the planning and advisory. We try to go beyond the brands to put our own flare on every project that we oversee.

Our commitment to creating incredible spaces leaves a lasting impression with all of our guests, clients, and employees.

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