Commentary on Pathfinder Development

As a hotelier of 33 years and a hotel consultant 19 of those years, I have worked with scores of management companies as an advisor, trainer, and partner. At the top of most of them, I encountered egos the size of Alaska, or (nod to Pathfinder) better yet, Texas. And sadly for them, but happily for me as a consultant, their portfolio performance rarely justified their feelings of superiority. The norm has been metrics and analyses first, and hands on property interaction a distant second. Within that property interaction is usually a classic 80-20 formula regarding distribution with 80% of their time spent on operations issues and a paltry 20% devoted to top line revenue generation.

Not so with Pathfinder. Although they pay attention to operational details, quality, and the guest experience, they “get it” when it comes to the critical importance of sales. They understand the fundamental principle that “without sufficient sales, there is nothing to operate.” They invest more time and money in finding and managing revenue streams than any other client I have worked with, and there have been many.

As for integrity (which for me is paramount in any partnership), the 2 company principals (Rahul Bahl and Chirag Patel) are beyond reproach and are as honest as leaders can and should be. It’s no surprise that their employees revere these gentlemen, especially the older staff members who have “been around” and have experienced many past less-than-stellar owners/operators in their careers.

Because of the character and the high level of industry and business intelligence that Pathfinder’s execs offer, I firmly believe that hiring or working with Pathfinder on a regular basis (as I have for 5 years) is a prudent business decision. Please contact me for more specifics.

Ed Iannarella, CHO
President, Stonehenge Consulting Group

Testimonial # 2

Pathfinder helped us pull off a minor miracle with our hotel in Gulfport, MS.

The city had been battered with the BP oil spill, floods, a hurricane, the offshore drilling ban and a sharp drop in tourist and business travel within a relatively short period of time. New supply had mushroomed simultaneously, and we had rebranded our hotel, putting us into a perfect storm.

Pathfinder came in right when we hit rock bottom and began to turn things around rapidly. They put a great team in place, with careful oversight, and began to focus equally on effective sales, customer satisfaction and cost control.

Pathfinder rapidly improved our guest feedback and ratings, increased revenues by competing for and winning several new contracts, and even helped us find cost savings on our taxes and insurance. At this time, our staff is excellent, morale is high, and revenue is climbing. We are satisfied clients and look forward to a long term relationship with the Pathfinder team.

Rahul Bijlani
Marcus & Millichap

Testimonial # 3

As Economic Development Director for the City of Webster, there is no greater pleasure or privilege than to work with a company from the ground up to share in its unprecedented success. It is great people who make great companies—and the story of Staybridge Suites, located at 501 West Texas Avenue, is a case in point. I had the opportunity to work with Pathfinder Development in the planning stages for this premier hotel—through the new construction stage—and now—the sixth anniversary of one of the most successful hotels not only in Webster but also in the region.

While Staybridge Suites features exquisite accommodations and amenities—with outstanding perks that very, very few hotels offer—it is the staff at Staybridge Suites who makes all the difference. Webster’s Staybridge Suites understands customer service and relationship building. Staybridge Suites is connected to the community and the region—and, most importantly, this hotel is connected to its guests and ensures an exemplary experience.

Dr. Betsy Giusto
Economic Development Director
City of Webster