Talent Development and Retention

Pathfinder Development wholeheartedly believes that the quality and competence of our workforce is the single most important factor in our success. We believe the path towards legendary guest service commences with a highly engaged and energized team and we embrace and relish the challenge of attracting, developing and retaining high caliber talent so that your property achieves and sustains excellence! We utilize several key tools/philosophies to help us achieve this critical objective, including.

  • Aggressive/generous compensation for top performers-Top performers are the foundation of all highly successful organizations, so we believe it makes business sense they are compensated accordingly.
  • Rigorous screening of potential team members, including a minimum of 3 reference checks along with assessment tests to ensure team members will fit with company culture.
  • Quarterly Job Fairs are held at each property – We recognize that the search for top-end talent in the hospitality business is continuous!
  • Usage of Social media to aggressively and proactively recruit leading industry professionals and to obtain referrals from team members and industry peers.
  • Robust Training & Development platform – Our experience tells us a company’s investment in training and development is highly correlated to an employee’s level of job satisfaction.
  • Monthly meetings are held between the Executive Team and Upper Management of each hotel to discuss development and career paths of individual staff members.
  • “Up and comers” are identified for personalized development plans which include online hospitality courses, advanced level training/mentoring and volunteer opportunities within the organization.
  • Quarterly “RAP Sessions” are held between supervisors and subordinate team members to foster invaluable two-way feedback.

"Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds”

Colin Powell