Pathfinder believes that environmentally friendly practices are our obligation to our community, our guests, team members and future generations. We incorporate this philosophy in daily hotel operations as well as capital planning. What started out as an interest in “green initiatives” quickly evolved into a core company philosophy. onsequently, Pathfinder seeks to implement sustainable practices not only at new hotels, but by retrofitting older hotels as well. Many of these practices are not only environmentally friendly but also help in controlling operating expenses through reduced energy consumption. Examples of such practices employed at our hotels include:

  • Linen reuse program to reduce unnecessary laundering.
  • Make up air systems that provide a healthy environment for guests and team members by improving indoor air quality.
  • Recycling of used soap bars as part of the Global Soap Project, which provides access to soap for children in developing countries to help prevent hygiene related illnesses.
  • Cold water laundry systems to reduce energy used to heat water, extend fabric life, and reduce chemical usage.
  • Solar water heating system or high efficiency water heaters.
  • Windows feature low e coatings or solar film (retrofit) to reduce cooling loads in warm months.
  • Utilizing the most energy efficient room air conditioners while simultaneously sizing appropriately to control humidity.
  • Building roofs have reflective properties, including radiant barriers, high solar reflective index roofs, and painted reflective surfaces (retrofit).
  • Planting fruit trees on hotel sites to provide a true locally sourced item.
  • Procuring exclusively Energy Star rated appliances for guestrooms and public areas.
  • Energy recovery systems to recapture energy from building exhaust.
  • Utilization of LED and compact fluorescent lighting to reduce building energy and heating loads.
  • Saltwater pools to provide a more natural swimming environment.

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards