Revenue Management & E-Commerce

Pathfinder Development understands that the most important driver of financial success for a hotel is clearly and ultimately its level of revenue attainment. Superior management of a hotel can only occur when sound strategic measures and practices are in place to enable maximization of revenue across all travel segments and across each of the booking channels by which guests can reserve rooms at a hotel.

Our expertise allows each of our hotels to maximize their full revenue potential. The partnership with each hotel is enhanced through our consistent approach and delivery of services which revolve around the fundamentals of pricing, inventory controls, and demand generation. Such services include.

  • Price Optimization

    Our Revenue Management Team analyzes pricing changes/trends at competitors and demand forecasts at our hotels to determine optimal daily and weekly pricing.
  • Corporate and Group Rate Strategy

    Many hotels incur significant lost profits by either over or underpricing themselves with Corporate Accounts and Groups. Our Revenue Management team conducts thorough displacement analysis to determine ideal pricing for such opportunities.
  • Revenue Management Meetings

    Weekly Conference calls are held with our Revenue Manager and the General Manager and Director of Sales at each hotel to analyze trends and discuss and refine strategy.
  • Overbooking Protocol

    Many hotels are reluctant to overbook and incur lost profits when guests invariably cancel at the last minute. Pathfinder strives to eliminate these lost profits by ensuring an appropriate level of overbooking functionality is in place at each hotel.
  • Online Content

    Monitoring of visual and textual content on brand websites and online travel agency websites to ensure content is fresh, relevant and aesthetically appealing to potential guests.